June 16, 2011

Do not persuade my heart...

mrCrazee is currently in Jiwa Kacau mood
he is totally insane right now
for your safety and the protection of those around you
please do not try to persuade his heart
and the most important is
please don't drink and drive, beware of dog!



saya bukan tomato said...

err asek jiwa kacau je T_T

Cik Ainie Lalola said...

chill ok.. =)

Anonymous said...

der. lekk luhhh. sabar k. mak ade ayah ade..

iDeaL cRazEe said...

tomato : jiwa kacau itu sexy ok..huhu ;D

ainie : hehe...thx ;)

melly : adk diam..gi tolong mak tebas lalang blkg umah tu..huhu ;)